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Rey Headed to the Dark Side? Dream? Clone? Misdirect? - Collider Live #205

Rey Headed to the Dark Side? Dream? Clone? Misdirect? - Collider Live #205


1 year
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D23 is over, so it’s time to go full Disney Shill on this episode of Collider Live! We’re talking #StarWars, we’re talking #Marvel, we’re talking everything Disney+! WB or DC properties? Get outta here! Just kidding, we’ll shill everyone! We just love to love movies and everything entertainment!!! Start the last week of August with your favorite shills Kristian Harloff, Roxy Striar, Josh Macuga, Mark Reilly, Christian Ruvalcaba/Adam Smith (I DON’T KNOW WHO’S SWITCHING UNTIL LIKE 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS), and Alex Marzoña (hey it me!!!)!!!

#ColliderLive: You have no idea what might happen in this off the wall show that is a mix of the old Schmoes Know show with a dash of Collider, mixed with nonsense, shaken with comedy and served every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday live from Collider Studios. Make sure you like and share the show so we can build it TOGETHER. Make sure you give it a like as well and subscribe to the Collider Podcast feed!

Watch the new short film from The Wangers/Amateur Hour Films, “Teddy”: https://youtu.be/RzRRg9RDYI8

Listen to (Alex) Marzoña’s new song, “Maybe in Another Life”: https://youtu.be/nirUFVj6b5k

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